About Francesca

Hi there, I'm Francesca, a college senior studying advertising and Italian.

Since the moment I could read, I stopped ordering off the kid's menu. While my friends were ordering chicken fingers and fries, I was hooked on truffle ravioli. I became a sushi connoisseur in kindergarden, and sneaked sips of my dad's red wine at dinner.

I was born a foodie.

As a result, however, I've struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. To make matters worse, when I arrived at college, I could no longer afford my upscale taste. I was thrust into a life of lukewarm pizza and sadness.

However, I've recently discovered that making my own food allows me to control my weight and my budget. I can eat my favorite things, swap out what I don't like, swap in healthier options, and make cost-conscious decisions while shopping!

I am not formally trained, aside from watching my mother make countless trays of eggplant parm. My knowledge of food terms and techniques comes from hours of watching The Food Network (shout out to my favorites, Ina Garten and Alex Guarnaschelli!).

What I'm saying is, cooking can be simple AND delicious. If this blog can help just one person realize that, I know it's all worthwhile!

This site will also feature restaurant reviews, foodie TV show rants, and virtually anything food-related that has my interest.

Thanks for visiting!

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