Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Freak for Greek

A few days ago I was talking to my boyfriend about food (what else) and he proceeded to make fun of me because of how painfully predictable I am. I protested, but then he retorted saying I probably ate greek yogurt every day this week.

Guilty as charged.

Not to sound like a pretentious greek yogurt hipster, but I've been obsessed with the stuff since before it went mainstream a few years back. Once you're hooked on the creamy consistency and tart flavor, it's nearly impossible to return to regular yogurt! Plus, as a person who eats red meat as rarely as possible, the added protein is a major bonus.

About a month ago, my lovely friend and blogger extraordinaire Georgie and I made the trek downtown to Chobani SoHo, the brand's first Mediterranean yogurt bar. They make speciality creations, and I was lucky (and hungry!) enough to try two of them: the peanut butter + jelly and the mango + avocado.

All I can say is... wow. I'm a total PB+J addict, so the concept of combining them with my greek yogurt was revolutionary for a nerd like me. The mango and avocado was awesome- although I love tzatziki and similar dips, I rarely make savory greek yogurt concoctions! It came with blue tortilla chips for my dipping pleasure. Another adorable perk: we got to keep the Chobani-branded glass cups. Yay!

After this, I was inspired to make some Greek yogurt creations of my own!

I made my own version of Chobani SoHo's PB+J parfait. Using my Chobani bowl, I used Fage 0% with Raspberry (I know, Fage in a Chobani bowl... the Greek gods are frowning upon me!), Better'n Peanut Butter, and a handful of unsalted roasted peanuts. Better'n Peanut Butter, available at Trader Joe's or online, is a great option for PB lovers who are trying to cut back on calories. It's no regular PB and lacks the protein benefits, but it's a good substitute. I switch back and forth between this and all-natural PB.

I also make a stellar blend featuring pumpkin butter and granola... I'll actually be talking about it tomorrow during my first What I Ate Wednesday, so hold tight for that one!

To supply me with even more inspiration, Chobani has been slowly revealing their #WTFlavors, which are secret flavors that are revealed via clues on social media. I stumbled upon two in my grocery store escapades...

2% Coconut and the Tropical Escape Flip, featuring Pineapple-Coconut yogurt with Hazelnuts, Toasted Coconut and Granola.

The Tropical Escape flip was a creation in itself, so I saw no reason to add anything to the mix. I was super excited about this one because I love pineapple and coconut, and it did not disappoint- so awesome! The best bites were those with hazelnuts- such a creative addition!

However, I took the 2% Coconut into my own hands...

I added toasted coconut, semisweet chocolate chips, and honey. It was so good, more like a splurge-y treat than a protein-y snack! Upon opening the yogurt, I thought it was wholly smooth, but I was delighted to find coconut strands distributed throughout. 

Do you like Greek yogurt? What combinations have you tried and loved/hated? Comment below!

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