Sunday, March 9, 2014

Whole30: Day 1 Recap

As of yesterday, my Whole30 challenge has officially begun!

I don't plan on doing regular daily recaps for the next 30 days - partly because I don't want to bore you, partly because I'm busy and can't keep up. I plan on sharing some favorite meals, some major wins, and some struggles a few times a week.

However, I figured I would share day #1 because the first few days are known to be the biggest adjustment. I found this timeline on the Whole30 website that outlines the most common responses to the challenge, so I'm aware of the imminent emotional roller coaster to come ;).

What I Ate

Started my day with an Arbonne Protein Shake. They're vegan, paleo-approved, and, oh yeah, did I mention delicious? I had one scoop vanilla, one scoop chocolate, a scoop of fiber, and almond milk.

It was the first sunny day in a while, and when the weather is nice I always crave something green and refreshing. I had a salad with eggs, strawberries, tomato, and edamame w/o dressing. If you're familiar with Whole30, you know I made a mistake here... if not, I'll talk about it later. #embarrassing

Since it's the first day of spring break, I went out with my friend and boyfriend for sushi to celebrate. I initially thought I was stuck with a plate of sashimi (which is not a problem by any means), but I noticed a cucumber-wrapped roll on the menu- yay! I had a Naruto Roll, salmon sashimi, and yellowtail sashimi.

Alright guys, I have a new snack obsession. It's these Chia Pods, and they're flawless. This one has only three ingredients - chia seeds, coconut milk, and real mango. It reminded me of my beloved yogurt but is completely paleo/Whole30 approved! I also snacked on half an apple, a shot of espresso (black), and Arbonne Detox Tea during the day.

What I Learned
  • Whole30 diets are expensive. I went to Trader Joe's to pick up some goods, and even at their amazing prices the organic/raw products definitely took a toll on my wallet.
  • Salads without dressing are actually insanely delicious. I had dressing on the side of my salad, but I was enjoying it so much I forgot to put it on!
  • Pinterest is such a great resource for Whole30 participants. Georgie and I have a board where we share fun recipes to try, feel free to check it out!
How I Felt
Fine. Quite hungry by dinner, but no big. It was only day one, haha!

Mistakes I Made
Ugh. I can't believe I already messed up on day one. I was eating edamame on my salad and asked myself, is edamame a legume? I googled it, and it turns out not only is edamame a legume, but it is also made of soy. #fail. Fortunately, it's early enough in my challenge that it won't make me sick, and I'll make sure not to do it again. But still, can you believe I messed up already? Classic.

That's all for now! If you have any tips or comments, feel free to share them below. Stay tuned for more updates on my Whole30 challenge!

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