Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Whole30: The [Healthy] Hangover

Alright guys, I have officially entered the hangover phase of the Whole30. Basically, my body is realizing it won't be getting energy from refined sugars and grains, so it's totally out of whack.

Still, I had some food highlights...

What I Ate

Perfect Breakfast Plate - over easy eggs, sliced tomato, spinach, almond butter, and blueberries. Lovely, colorful, and oh so filling!

I went out to dinner with my family, and fortunately was able to Whole30 without much struggle! I had Salmon with Brussels Sprouts and Asparagus in a shallot vinaigrette- originally there was quinoa instead of asparagus, but not for this lady.

I went to NYC for the day for an informational interview and had lunch at Gotham West Market! I got the Slaw Salad from the Little Chef- it was raw beets and carrots in a cumin vinaigrette topped with pepitas. THE PEPITAS. Also, juices are not promoted on the Whole30 because they suggest you eat your fruit to stay fuller, but this concoction was Beet, Apple, and Lavender... how could I possibly say no?

What I Learned
  • I am tired and cranky. All the time. As a glass half full type of person, I'm not used to feeling so on edge with others, and it's no fun.
  • I'm always hungry. Always. I was never the biggest snacker, so I think I'm simply not getting enough calories in during my meals without carbs. I'm going to try to get more healthy fats in per meal.
  • Restaurants are super accommodating to specialty diets! I've had no issues thus far.
How I Felt
Tired. Hungry. Sleepy. Angry. Tired. Tired. Tired.

Mistakes I Made
On Monday, I worked out for the first time since starting the Whole30 on Saturday. I didn't change my meal size or increase meal frequency, and in a hunger-induced rage I binged on some almond butter after dinner... hard. Spoonfuls on spoonfuls on spoonfuls of the stuff. Part of me is sad I caved, but I should have eaten more during the day to account for the workout. I will try to learn from this mistake, but at least I binged on something Whole30-approved.

Obviously, I've got more learning to do... trial and error, I suppose! I'm definitely learning so much about my body, and I'm so happy I'm having fewer stomach problems. Sadly, I think cutting dairy from my diet is key- rest in peace late night froyo runs.

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