Saturday, March 15, 2014

Whole30: Food Prep!

I hopped on the food prep bandwagon earlier this year, and it has totally revolutionized my weeknight eats. Seriously, how did it take me so long to realize how great it is?! Food prep is particularly important while doing a Whole30 because having clean food at your disposal makes the risk of cheating waaay less probable. So on Wednesday night, after I arrived back at school after spring break, I food prepped... I food prepped hard.

Turkey burgers, chicken sausage, veggies, oh my!

My proudest accomplishment...

Turkey Sweet Potato Bok Choy Burgers (over brussels sprouts)! I'll have a recipe up on le blog shortly. They were super simple to make, and insanely good. I was seriously shocked by how great these tasted.

Other noms from the past few days...

Bok Choy + Carmelized Onion Frittata with Guacamole

Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake topped with pepitas, coconut, and flax seeds

Chocolate Raspberry Coconut Protein Shake topped with pepitas, coconut, and flax seeds- what can I say, I have a bit of a crush on my Vitamix blender!

Also, the Whole30 will NEVER take away my love/need for brunch... so I made it work!

Eggs over easy, pastrami-smoked salmon, and a side salad at the Carriage House Cafe

Omelette with avocado, tomato, and portobello mushrooms with sliced apples and a side salad at Cafe Dewitt 

Whoever says the Whole30 isn't delicious is clearly lying... I'm loving it!


  1. If it wasn't for Whole30, I wouldn't have tried cooking with bok choy. I thought only chefs used bok choy. lol! Those burgers sound delicious. Anxiously awaiting the recipe! Please and thank you!

    1. Thanks for reading! The recipe is now up, enjoy :)